Sunday, October 2, 2011

L1011-500 interior

Rollins Air Flight Attendant showing the L1011 spacious and colorful interior

EasySky Honduras

Rollins Air and staff wish Honduras newest airline EasySky great success.

L1011-500 crew on board

Rollins Air crew posing for photo prior to flight

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rollins Air Adds Emb 120 to it's fleet

Rollins Air takes delivery of it's first 30 pax Emb 120 in La Ceiba, Honduras

Rollins Air adds new livery to it's 737

Rollins Air adds a touch of color to their 737-200 livery...No one should have a problem finding this website.

Rollins Air Tri-Star Returns from 2010 World Cup

Rollins Air L1011-500 returns to it's home base in La Ceiba after flying charters to World Cup from Argentina to South Africa....Rollins Air 19 passenger JetStream looks tiny next to it's big really big brother.
Rollins Air fleet consists of one Navaho, two 19 passenger JetStream 31's, one 30 passenger Emb 120, one 122 pax 737-200, two 308 pax L1011-500.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rollins Air Offers Ground Handling Services in La Ceiba, Honduras

Rollins Air is now offering full ground handling services at La Ceiba airport. The company has purchased additional ground equipment capable of handling and servicing any aircraft operating in and out of La Ceiba...For more information please contact Capt. Rollins +1 504 9586 7294..We have included some photos so you can view the high standards of the equipment available...